Honoring a loved one through a donation of a tree or park bench is a thoughtful way to recognize and pay tribute to family and friends.

Readington Township provides the opportunity for members of the community to donate a tree or bench within the Township parks and trail system.   Please contact the Recreation Department via Rec Office Email or call 908-534-9752 to discuss and coordinate your donation.

Click here for the Memorial Tree/Bench request form: Memorial Tree-Bench Form

MEMORIAL TREES:  Trees are planted annually in November.  Trees must be ordered by September 1st for a November planting.  A plaque, located in the Municipal building displays the names of all individuals/organizations for which trees have been planted, including the year of planting.  You may select one of the following tree species for your donation: 

Shade Tree : White Oak, October Glory, Red Sunset Maple, Sycamore, Tulip Poplar, Large Leaf Linden, Tupelo

Ornamental: Flowering Dogwood, Eastern Redbud

Evergreen:  White Pine, Norway Spruce

While the Township will do it’s best to honor your tree selection, tree selection is at the discretion of the Township and is based on planting location and availability of plant material.  

The Township will do everything within reason to care for memorial trees; however it is possible that a tree may not thrive over time.  Readington Township is not responsible for replacement of memorial trees that fail to thrive.

Memorial Tree Cost:  $1,500.00

MEMORIAL BENCHES:  Bench order time is approximately eight weeks.  Upon receipt of the bench, a minimum of two weeks is required to arrange installation.  Benches may be ordered year round, installation is weather dependent.   An engraved plaque is installed on each bench.  Please note the Township is not responsible for replacing damaged or stolen memorial benches.

Memorial Bench Cost:  $2,000.00

LOCATIONS:  You may request a preferred location where you would like your tree or bench placed, however the exact location is at the discretion of the Township.

PARKS:  Summer Road Park, Pickell Park, Hillcrest Park, East Whitehouse Park, Dobozynski Park, and Bank Street garden lot


1st LT Dale Haver Whitehouse Greenway: trail overlooking Rockaway Creek 

Round Mountain Trails (in Readington parcels)