Summer Rec Camp WHITEHOUSE


Dates: June 25 to August 3 6 WEEKS

Whitehouse School 8:00am-5:30pm
Students going into Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, 3rd Grades in fall 2018

TRIP INFORMATION will be online early May.  Trip registration is in person only.  Trip Registration will be announced soon.   Please Note: you must be registered for camp, before you can register for trips.  You will be able to register for camp at Trip Registration, but to save time online registration before Trip Registration Night is strongly encouraged.

Our camp offers special programs 2/3 times a week either morning or afternoon or both for some. They include science, magic, music, art, etc. and are included in your registration fee.

Our camp offers trips 4/5 times a week either morning, afternoon or all day.   Trips are all optional and we use school bus drivers that are Readington Twp. employees. Trips are not included in the registration fee. The trip schedule comes out in May.  You must register for trips in person at one of the Trip Registration Nights.

THIS YEAR WE ARE NOT HAVING REGISTRATION FOR TRIPS THROUGHOUT THE PROGRAM. YOU MUST SIGN UP FOR TRIPS BY END OF JUNE AND THERE WILL BE NO CHANGING TRIPS. Trips will only stay open if we need more kids to fill a bus (for example movies). Our trips will include movies, bowling, golfing, fun parks, Medieval Times, Land of Make Believe, Funplex, etc. There will be a limited amount of trips for preschool and kindergarten. Most trips are for 1st grade and up. There will be a regular program going on in camp on trip days for campers who choose not to go.

A regular camp day will include 30/ 45 minutes activity periods with snack at 10:00 & 2:45, and Lunch at 12:15. Activity periods will include art, gym, indoor classroom games, and outdoor play. Children are to bring their own lunch. Pizza will be offered every Tuesday and Friday: $5.00 for 2 slices of pizza, drink, and dessert or $3.00 for 1 slice of pizza, drink, and dessert. Cash money must be brought in with camper morning of pizza day not before. Snacks are nut free and are donated by camper FAMILIES. Drinks are supplied and are all 100% juice or they can have water. We encourage the students to bring in their own water bottles. Please label them in large letters.

If you have any questions or suggestions or special programs you would like to have please email Brian or call Brian at 908-534-9752. If you are interested in becoming a counselor  contact Brian.  Please note you must be at least 18 years old by June 22, 2018 to be a counselor.


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